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The information below are answers to some of the most frequently asked questions regarding LeaseUp Santa Barbara. For other questions or to sign-up, please contact our LeaseUp team at (805) 452-7100, via email [email protected] or visit us at leaseupsantabarbara.org

Property Owners FAQ

LeaseUp Santa Barbara is an initiative of PATH with the goal of increasing access to Santa Barbara County’s housing inventory by engaging property owners and managers to help end homelessness in Santa Barbara. We see homelessness as a problem that requires a collective solution. With the concerns of property owners and managers in mind, LeaseUp hopes to address the barriers between those of us with homes, and those without. It is our goal to open more possibilities for our neighbors living on the streets by providing property owners with access to incentives, a central housing listings portal for service providers, and providing outreach and education to the community.

LeaseUp provides a platform that allows property owners and service providers working all throughout Santa Barbara County to easily collaborate to help house their homeless clients. With such a low vacancy rate in Santa Barbara county, it has become increasingly difficult for people experiencing homelessness to be approved for housing. LeaseUp helps property owners utilize the Housing First model to help prioritize finding housing for individuals most in need of a place to live. As of 2019, the Santa Barbara County Point In Time Count revealed there are more than 1,800 people currently experiencing homelessness in Santa Barbara county.

The LeaseUp program is designed to provide professional landlord and property management support to help landlords fill vacancies with qualified individuals most in need of housing.

  • Mutually beneficial partnership: The LeaseUp team can help coordinate candidates for your review and utilizes our specially created centralized listing service to quickly fill vacant units.

  • Customer service driven: All properties are assigned a dedicated Housing Specialist who will provide customer service and can help mediate and solve any problems that may arise, even after our clients has signed a lease and moved in.

  • Financial Incentives: LeaseUp can provide expertise to landlords to help navigate the many housing subsidies that are available in Santa Barbara county to help tenants pay for rent and help property owners discover the program that best fits their needs.

Once a property owner has agreed to make a unit available to the LeaseUp program, the property is inspected, and the property information is made available on the LeaseUp listing site. The LeaseUp listings are only available to view by case managers working within the space of homeless services. The Housing Specialist assigned to that property will communicate with case managers and clients to find the best fit for the available unit. Once a client or clients are located that meet the landlords criteria, the Housing Specialist will communicate with the landlord to coordinate the rest of the leasing process(ie. schedule viewings, help complete the application, coordinate lease signings, etc.). After the tenant is moved in, the same Housing Specialist remains the point of contact for the property owner or manager should any issues arise.

Property owners who choose to accept any type of housing subsidy, must meet the property standards for that specific subsidy. For example, owners wanting to accept any type of Housing Choice voucher must undergo an inspection conducted by the appropriate Housing Authority representative. Owners who do not wish to accept housing subsidies must still undergo an inspection by their Housing Specialist to ensure the home is habitable.

LeaseUp has set up a property owner helpline (323) 886-0565, available 24 hours a day with live support. You can also request support through our online portal. In addition, you will also be provided the contact information for your dedicated team lead. Attention to your specific situation will be addressed within 1 business day.

There are many funding sources available to those experiencing homelessness throughout Santa Barbara County, including but not limited to:

  • Section 8 Housing Choice Vouchers

  • VASH (Veteran Affairs Supportive Housing) Vouchers

  • Rapid Rehousing

Property owners also have the option to not accept any housing subsidies and utilize the LeaseUp program to make their units more available to individuals experiencing homelessness.

The clients enrolled in the LeaseUp program are currently experiencing homelessness within Santa Barbara county and include a very diverse population of individuals. Clients could be currently living on the streets, in their car, or at an emergency or interim housing shelter. It is the job of the Housing Specialist to work with property managers to match them with clients that meet the rental criteria and ensure that the criteria is fair for the clients.

In order to access housing resources, all tenants must be enrolled in a program that provides supportive services. Prior to move-in, supportive services staff meet with every tenant to discuss potential needs and, as appropriate, set goals and create a written plan for achieving them. Based on this assessment of needs, staff connects tenants to critical off-site resources, such as primary and specialty healthcare, mental health counseling or addiction treatment, as well as education resources or job training. Additional services and programs include in-home visits to ensure long-term tenancy, independent living skills, recreational and educational outings, and tenant council meetings.