Service Provider FAQ

LeaseUp is an initiative of PATH created to increase access to Santa Barbara County’s apartment and housing inventory by collaborating with property owners and managers to help the community end homelessness.

LeaseUp addresses the concerns of property owners and managers with a dedicated team of professionals to navigate the process. LeaseUp offers support, access to incentives and consistent assistance to increase the possibility of finding a home for more of our neighbors living on the streets.

This is a collaborative effort to provide housing for our homeless neighbors. LeaseUp services include providing outreach and education to the community, managing a central housing resource portal and facilitating the housing process for service providers.

In conjunction with the LeaseUp campaign for property owners, PATH is providing the units acquired to eligible housing programs. The centralized housing resource portal provides access to available units that have been pre-vetted by a member of the LeaseUp team. These units are inspected, and property owners are aware of case management services and housing subsidies.

If you work at a non-profit or government agency and your primary role and responsibility includes assisting people experiencing homelessness with finding housing, and provide case management to maintain housing, you may be eligible to access the resource. Agencies must also be involved in the Coordinated Entry System and Santa Barbara County HMIS to receive access.

As a condition to access the services, it’s expected that all users of the website be present at all pre-housing appointments and lease signings, conduct home visits as scheduled, be responsive to landlord concerns, ensure on time rental and move-in assistance payments to landlords, and work collaboratively with the LeaseUp team on the move-in process. All contact with the property owner, in regards to posted apartment listings, must be coordinated through the LeaseUp team.

The information on the LeaseUp Santa Barbara housing platform should not be screenshot and sent to co-workers or participants. Login information is not to be shared with anyone, and participants should not be given "unit leads” to contact on their own.

Please encourage your co-workers to sign-up for their own login!

We want to work together to make the process as efficient as possible for property owners and for program participants.

In short, yes. But we do understand that emergencies arise. Please ensure that someone from your team can assist with coverage and communicate any issues with LeaseUp’s Program Coordinator. We want to work together to ensure long term housing stability for all participants.

1.) Make sure you utilized your agency email address to sign-up for services.

2.) Ensure that your agency is a part of Coordinated Entry System and you work in a housing program

3.) If you do not know if your agency is eligible, please contact Lauren Hofmann, LeaseUp Coordinator. [email protected]

Work with your participants on their housing plan to identify where they want to live, the type of subsidy they will be utilizing, and begin the search for housing!

Each unit has a dedicated Housing Specialist working with the property owner. They will be your liaison to view, apply, and possibly lease the unit. All communication with the landlord during the pre-housing meetings must be coordinated through the Housing Specialist.

We expect our team to respond to inquires within 2 business days. We know that housing is a scarce resource and everyone wants to access units for their participants.